Why you need to do
business with us:

  • 1 We are serious about your business. We work within your budget to give you maximum benefits to get clean and healthy water. We will match our full range of filters and hot & cold dispensers to cater to your requirements.

  • 2 We deliver at your convenience.

  • 3 We provide door to door service. All you have to do is to call us 03-8023 0101/016-218 5438.

  • 4 We provide full service. Delivery of goods, water, checking of water cooler, repair and maintain of your units in tip top condition.

  • 5 Our systems and parts are standard item, easily available and produce in volume.

You can trust us

1. Many of our service and parts are covered with money back warranty. We only charge what agreed upon. NO EXTRAS!!

2. You can expert a totally satisfied job on service, on installation, repair and maintenance from us or 100% money back to you.

3. We invite you to visit our factory anytime at office hour for surprise checking. No notice is require from you. Just walk in.

4. We have experienced worker to handle all your enquiry or delivery. We have constant staff briefing to improve our customer service. We are a financially stable company with our financing to take future undertaking.

We operate through:-
I. Business office hour are:-
a) Monday – Friday = 9.00am to 5.00 pm.
b) Saturday = 9.00am to 1.00pm II.
You can call directly at 03-8023 0101
or sms us at 016-218 5438 or email to us at balmoraldagang@gmail.com